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Welcome to my first blog post.

And thanks for reading!


Just kidding!

Thanks for popping by and visiting my watercolor haven. I hope that you will come back....please?

This blog is a WIP of course. I will not have everything available at once. I do need time to procrastinate first.

Okay, let's talk about the basics first.

You are in the right place if the below picture makes you drool.

Parson Black - Quill = Mermaid's Song - Ataahua

Are you drooling? on my friend.

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey with watercolors. This covers a large amount of things you know. Like, I could write a single post just about storage!

Here is a list of topics to get you excited and drool again.

Pigments - specifically talking about the different types of pigments. I could write about mixing pigments. The process of tweaking the binder to the type of pigment. Storing pigments. Sourcing pigments. How I choose pigments. How pigments behave while curing and while being mixed.

Equipment - what you need to get started. The very basics. Where to source a good muller that is reasonably priced. Do you need a muller? Can you substitute a muller? Muller, muller, muller!

Binder - this is a popular one. A base recipe to start from. What ingredients you could trial. What ingredients you don't really need. How to make and store the binder. Binder, binder, binder!

Are you wanting to make your own pigments? I am not ready to dive into this yet BUT I know a handful of amazing people who have and they will guest blog about this for you in the near future. I've got you covered, I am here to satisfy your pigment addiction. Don't fret!

There are many other areas within the watercolor sphere that I'd love to write about too such as watercolor paper, watercolor brushes and brush pens too. It would be great to include all the facets that encapsulate the watercolor world.

I would also love to share how my watercolor buddies use watercolors. How they are able to demonstrate using watercolors in various forms. So, expect to see featured artists as well. The idea is that this will be a community to meet other watercolor makers and artists, letterers, bullet journal addicts, calligraphists, card makers etc. etc.

I could write ALL day about watercolors!

I shall leave you with another drool-worthy picture. Enjoy!

Peacock Green Mica Pigment

Comment below with a hello, suggestion, or question.

Thanks for reading this far.


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