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Bring it on 2023!

I am sitting here on my bed after a coffee and muffin and seeing in the 1st day of 2023!

I am feeling hopeful, excitable and I am tickling with bubbles of anticipation for the new year ahead and the possibilities that are at my fingertips...

I say fingertips because, I am typing right now about to share with you a journey and I want you to join me too.

A few weeks ago I posted a poll on my Instagram stories and forum and you voted. I have compiled the results and want to share those with you.

Between both the forum and the Instagram stories polls, it was obvious to me that you want to have more input in collaborating alongside me when it comes to making watercolor paint.

I have decided that this is what we will do, together!

As a result, you will see me open up a public forum for you to participate in collaborating on color palettes.

We will be doing this together, as a community of color lovers. You do not need to be an experienced paint maker, or painter. You only need to have a passion for color. That passion might be a long, pre existing love or you might find yourself just at the beginning of your fondness for color. Either way, you are welcome.

Another part of this journey with me will include another new and public forum.

  • This forum will be for anyone who loves color,

  • wants to participate in something that is low key

  • Something that is low pressure

  • Does not require much preparation, resources, skill or time

What is it?

It is a challenge. I will be participating and leading it.

The forum and Instagram polls told me that you would like me to take the lead on a prompt type challenge so here I am!

I will be commencing the challenge on the 1st day of January to get started and sharing that, and all you need to do is join along when you are ready to.

Why not start at the same time Stacey?

Because I am a big believer of trial and error, the power of observation and leading by demonstration.

I believe that by getting started, sharing what I'm doing while I've already trialled it, is a great reflective tool to demonstrate more effectively how to get started. You will have the opportunity to see and choose for yourself when you're ready to commence based on how I'm using resources, managing my time, and making the challenge work and refer to the forum for support and further prompts.

What do I need to get ready?

  • Watercolor paper or journal

  • A pen or pencil to write with

  • Watercolor paint, gouache, watercolor pencil, watercolor pen ...

  • Paper towel or brush towel

  • Containers for dirty and clean water

  • A paintbrush (any size/kind you like)

That is it!

When you are ready to join in, please refer to the forum section of this website.

To sum up!

One forum will be for the prompts and the other for collaborating on a watercolor palette.

You will need to be a member of the website to have access to the forums and this is a way to maintain a safe barrier from spam accounts.

You do not need to participate in both.

You can be a silent participant by liking posts, and voting on polls. You can be an avid participant offering advice, photos and getting the word out there inviting more color loving friends along.

My expectations for both forums are this;

  • Grow and nurture friendships in the art community

  • Keep it simple and manageable

  • Have a ton of fun!

I want to thank you for reading this far.

I invite you to say hello in the comments below so that I can say hello back.

I invite you to check out the forums when you are ready.

I am excited to see you there!

Let's kick start 2023 with a colorful bang!

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Bonjour, j'arrive en retard mais j'arrive =)

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd

Welcome Jo



Sounds wonderful 💓🤗


So excited!!


Anthi Zafeiri
Anthi Zafeiri

I love it, Stacey ! Low pressure and more fun are definitely what I want for the new year!


Paulene Longley
Paulene Longley

Sounds fabulous Stacey

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