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Beginner Watercolorists, Hello!

So you've stumbled upon the joy and wonder of watercolor painting?

The Pigeon Letters Brushes / Stakiwi Colours Paint


How about I share some fabulous resources with you which I am sure you have been curious about.

Let's get started!

Materials matter!

Paper is really important to get right. It has to be good to excellent quality because you will not see the results that initially inspired you in the first place. I am sure that you have watched some fabulous tiktok or instagram process videos or seen beautiful images on Pinterest or instagram and wondered how to achieve those results.

Well....practice for one but materials count too!

I first began working with student grade paint, brushes and paper and was not happy with the results. The paint was streaky, and faded once dry and the bristles from the paint brush would come loose or fray. The paper would not absorb the paint and the painting looked terrible!

We can't have that!

Let's dip into some fabulous tools that will help you enjoy your experience with watercolor painting.

Paper / Journals

Everything listed here I recommend!

Bee Paper - 50 Pack from Amazon here

Arches - Variations to choose from here

Fabriano - Go here

Variations here for Khadi on Amazon

Stonehenge Aqua Blocks - Are Here

Khadi Rag Paper - L.cornelissen & Son

Khadi Rag Paper - Jackson's Art

Feathers & Stones NZ - Cotton Rag paper

ThelittleartcornerIN - Khadi Rag Paper

Handmade and crafted journals:

ThelittleartcornerIN - Journals

BohemianRaspberryArt - Journals

Blue Pine Arts - Journals

Lotus Blue Book Art - Journals here

Ethel's Nest (New Zealand Maker) - Journals here

Bound for you - Journals here

Bound For you Journal / Stakiwi Colours Paint

New Zealander's only for the below links:

Watercolor Brushes

I recommend that you have at least a few sizes of the round brushes (2, 6, 8), 1 flat for washes, and a quill that holds much more water/paint ratio.

Jackson's : Icon : Synthetic Sable : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.3/0

The Pigeon Letter's Synthetic Cruelty Free Brushes here

Silver Brush Black Velvet Round here

KUM Memory Point Brush Lettering / Round here

Princeton Artist Brush, Neptune Series 4750, Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Paint Brush, Quill, Size 4 here

Raphael Kazan 803 Quill Mop Brush, 3/0, Natural here

Polina Bright brushes here

Rosemary and Co brushes here

Nfinity Arts brushes here

Schimoni Art by Fibonacci Brushes here

Raphael Quill Brush

New Zealander's only for the below links:


I hope the above list has been helpful.

I know that it can be overwhelming starting out in the beginning but I assure you that once you have a few good quality brushes, some lovely and inspirational paper and of course paint, you are going to really enjoy yourself.

Remember, don't rush the process. Take your time. Enjoy it!

Explore the basic techniques and get familiar with your tools and practice shapes, and brush strokes before diving into more complicated pieces of art.

Start out nice and small, and develop your confidence with your tools.

All the best,


Stacey Dodd / Stakiwi Colours

If you would like to suggest materials such as brushes and paper / journals, please comment below.

Thank you.

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