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Massive Restock Coming

I have been working away in my wee studio prepping for a restock of loads of popular sellers and a few new colors including a NEW set!

An exciting new set is being released.

The lovely story behind this set is that Manda from @createdletters won the opportunity to curate her own palette.

She picked three fabulous and vibrant colors.

Royal - A deep, lush purple

Majesty - A vibrant, red with gold shimmer

Divine - A dark, milori blue

These colors will release in full, half, and quarter pans as well as kiwi shaped pans and ceramic stars made by the ceramicist, Caitlin Bongers.

There will be a limited number of sets available and initially only as sets, and not singles.

Sets usually sell fast so I recommend snapping it up while you can!

Date of restock will be Thursday 30 March NZT 9.30am

CEST 10.30pm March 29th

PST 1.30pm March 29th

EST 4.30pm March 29th

Here are a few sneak peeks of what to expect.

Colors being restocked and ready to ship include:

Cinder Rose - Taniwha - Scarecrow - Witchery - Watermelon - Pink Zinc

Tranquil Falls - Coral Pink - Blue Velvet

Colors being restocked and as a pre-order include:

Quinn - Shannon - Marlin - Poppy - Golden Shadows - Shadows

Canned Pea - Olive - Sage - Candy Floss - Waipu Cove - Hydrangea

Green Slate - Amaranthine - Robin Egg Blue- Peach

Please note that Pre - order means that it is made to order and your whole order will ship in one shipment once the pre-order paints are ready to ship. You will receive an email notification of this.

New colors: (ready to ship)

Hortensia - a pastel, baby blue.

Cinder Quartz - Cinder Rose with a bronze shimmer

New Royal Linen Set - Majesty, Royal, Divine.

Hansa Yellow - PY74

Jasmine's Green - a metallic, dark green

There will be some stunning ceramic limited edition sets that I have hand picked the colors for.

There will be some fun trio pans of various colors.

There will also be some leftover Kiwi Colour Club colors from last years subscription. These are limited in supply so snap them up if you like them!

Cute new brush rests coming this restock!

Beautiful, limited edition magnet ceramic pieces by a local artist, Loretta Butel.

The price point includes tracked shipping.

Pigment Packs!

I will be selling only two sets of pigment and Gum Arabic sets for watercolor makers.

I use this Gum Arabic myself so I highly recommend it.

Pigments include:

Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre, Chromium Green Oxide, Red Iron Oxide and Black Iron Oxide.

Please make sure you are following me on Instagram @stakiwicolours for more updates and images. I will not be reserving any products prior to the update. I recommend that you buy the colors you want when they are available on the website.


My philosophy when buying watercolors or new art supplies is, if it brings you joy and sparks your curiosity, go get it!

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Mar 22, 2023

Whoop, whoop, whoop! 🥳

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd
Mar 22, 2023
Replying to

Party Party Party!


Mar 21, 2023

I’m sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd
Mar 22, 2023
Replying to

Me too!!!!!


Exciting !! Looking forward to picking up some more colours.

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd
Mar 22, 2023
Replying to

I hope you find lots of fun and exciting colours!

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