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The Stakiwi Colours Collection

Stakiwi Colours are artist grade artisanal watercolours handmade in New Zealand by Stacey Dodd.


Ingredients include ethically sourced mica or matte pigments, gum arabic, organic glycerin, water, New Zealdn honey and either Lemongrass or Clove oil.

The watercolours are light fast ranging from excellent to good. They are artist grade. 

Below, you will find a variation of swatch images of Stakiwi Colours in matte and mica (shimmer) shades. 


Non specialty matte colors start from $9.13 USD per half pan 

Non specialty shimmer colors start from $8.13 USD per half pan

Pan Size Guide:

Full Pan = Approximately 5ml

Half Pan = Approximately 2 - 2.2ml

Kiwi Pan = Approximately1.6ml

Quarter Pan = 1-1.2 mls

Mini Pan = 0.5ml

Mini Me Pan = 0.25ml

Check out the swatches below

Please enjoy swatches of the Stakiwi Colours collection.

Please note that paint colours are restocked based on customer demand and availability of ingredients such as speciality pigments. 

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