The Stakiwi Colours Collection

Stakiwi Colours are artisanal watercolours handmade in New Zealand by Stacey.


They are all vegan and do not include honey.


Ingredients include ethically sourced mica or matte pigments, gum arabic, organic glycerin, water, and  a little clove oil.

The watercolours are light fast and artist grade. Please refer to swatches for opacity/transparency information. 

Below you will find a list of Stakiwi Colours in matte and mica (shimmer) shades. 

This is a Work in Progress. 

Retired Colours: Orewa - Dorothy - Cowardly Lion - Disco Ball - Ruby Slippers - Vintage Earth - Mermaid's Tail, Muddy Red

Limited Edition: Wedgewood, Cobalt Blue, Crashing Waves, Grape Sparkle, Pink Potter, Opal, Lilac Dreams, Abalone, Astral Purple, Twinkle Star, Midnight Blue, Shallows Deep

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