The Stakiwi Colours Collection

Stakiwi Colours are artisanal watercolours handmade in New Zealand by Stacey Dodd.


They are all vegan and do not include honey. However, with the exception of Genuine Carmine, which is dervied from cochineal bugs.  This is a widely used natural red 4, C.I. 75470, or E120.


Ingredients include ethically sourced mica or matte pigments, gum arabic, organic glycerin, water, and clove oil.

The watercolours are light fast ranging from excellent to good. They are artist grade. Please refer to swatches for opacity/transparency information. 

Below, you will find a variation of swatch images of Stakiwi Colours in matte and mica (shimmer) shades. 

If you wish to request a custom order, you must have purchased a custom order listing first from the shop. This is limited spots so to allow time for colors to be made fresh from scratch. This can take 6 weeks or longer depending on the size of the order. 


Non specialty matte colors are $9.13 USD per half pan

Non specialty shimmer colors are $8.13 USD per half pan

Pan Size Guide:

Full Pan = Approximately 5ml

Half Pan = Approximately 2 - 2.2ml

Mini Pan = 0.5ml

Mini Me Pan = 0.25ml

Specialty Mattes:

Specialty matte prices will vary per color. These will include genuine pigments, combination pigments, or rare pigments. 

Prices range from $9.13  -  $22 USD

Verdigris   /  Wedgewood   /  Cobalt Blue   /   Carmine   /   Blue Verditer  /   Dreamy Sun   /   Caput Mortuum    Malachite   /   Kiwi Sap    /   Vintage Earth   /   Amaranthine    /    Falling Petals     /    Hurricane Twilight    Raglan    /    Piha    /    Plume     /    Torrential Rain     /     Mermaid's Song       /    Cyan    /      Nightfall    Smouldering Thunder     /    Mayan Green, Blue, and Teal        /      Robin Egg Blue    /     Peach     /       Kraken   

Pink Lemonade       

Specialty Shimmers:

Specialty shimmer will vary in price per color. These will include combination shimmers, holographic or glitter, chameleon, rare shimmer pigments.

Prices range from $8.50 - $12 USD

Swoop    /     Magic Carpet     /     Abalone      /    Opal    /     Pixie      /     Pixie Dust      /       Lake Taupo      Dragon       /     Aquarium       /     Golden Shadows      /      Silver Shadows        /     Chameleon Ghost      Ectoplasm      /       Starlight       /      Disco Ball       /     Twinkle Star