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The Anticipated Shop Update

Hi there fellow watercolor lovers!

I am finally going to announce a date for the shop update. My shop is starting to look sad and empty. Thank you so much for your patience while I have been working on finishing the Dark & Stormy Palette pre-orders. It was such a popular set! Thank you so much for your support. I really enjoyed working with Jenni! Besides filling those pre-orders I have had quite a few large custom orders to fill so I have been quietly working my way through those as well as preparing for restocking the shop. I must admit that I haven't rushed the shop update like I normally do because I want to make sure everything is ready to go! Some colors are cheeky and take forever to set!

Please read on to find out what to expect from this most recent shop update!

Firstly, I am introducing a new size pan. I like it because it is EXACTLY half of a half and therefore a quarter pan.

A half pan takes 2mls and the quarter pan takes 1ml. EXACTLY! And that's the end of that math lesson. Moving on!

I like these pans because they are fairly comfortable to work with. The size matches the W x L dimensions as the halves. Okay more math, sorry!

They are sturdy and easy to use with any paintbrush. So, these quarter pans will become a permanent part of the Stakiwi pan family! Thanks to Laura from @fclub_watercolor_art_supply for these beauties!

Three exciting NEW colors will be added to the Stakiwi collection.

Dew Drop - an iridescent (ghost) green shimmer

Siren - an iridescent (ghost) red shimmer. This one looks like Pegasus but is not the same. Pegasus has a pink shimmer to it.

Pixie - this is a duo-chrome mauve/brass shimmer. It will appear a different color on a different background. On dark, it will have a lovely brassy shine whereas on white, it will mostly be a mauve with slight brassy tones. I have another color called Pixie-Dust which is a duo-chrome red/blue shimmer. I added extra glitter to make it extra sparkly!

Mini Pocket Challenge

Have you joined in the Mini Pocket Dark and Stormy Challenge? It is open until September 14. The Grand prize includes a bunch of watercolor paints AND an up-cycled watercolor sketchbook. Every time you complete a prompt, that counts as 1 entry towards the draw. Just don't forget that special hashtag so we can find your entry #pocketpaintingstormy

Also, if you do not own the palette, check out my blog post before this one. It tells you how to mix the colors with a limited palette.

What existing colors will I be restocking?

Expect to see a large range of non shimmers coming back into stock. You'll need to be quick though, there's only so many available. I do have swatches available for viewing on my instagram page highlights but I am not happy with the quality of these so my next BIG JOB is to add these to the website. It will be a BIG job but I shall focus on getting this done soon. I think this will be valuable.

Expect to see:

Hurricane Twilight - Torrential Rain - Holly Christmas - Ruby Slippers- Robin Egg Blue - Jazzberry - Bottle Green - Raglan - Kraken - Parson Black - Strawberry Jam.

There are many more that are not quite ready so those can be reserved for another shop update which I would like to follow on as a mini update.Stay tuned for the list of expected colors!

I am working on Neons and Bright Floral sets and these are still curing. I will make a special post about these. I am also working on a special collaboration set as well as a Pink set.

Shop Update : Thursday 12th September Midday (NZ time)

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