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Pluck n' Place - Em-azing Artistry

Hello everyone! My name is Emilirose and I am the proud creator of Pluck n’ Place. I teach 1st grade by day and do brush lettering by night! My husband (A.K.A my personal Prince Charming) and I live in the USA in the state that is known for stunning sunsets and cactus…Arizona!

I discovered brush lettering back in 2016 when I attended a Pinterest Convention. They were offering a brush lettering for beginners’ course…after that I was hooked! Lettering has been one of my biggest passions, I love exploring new lettering techniques and using all the amazing types of supplies.

Another passion of mine is animals. When I was younger animal facts were what popped out of my mouth 90% of the time. If I wasn’t playing with my LARGE abundance of stuffed animals then I probably had my eyes glued to the TV watching Animal Planet (my favorite show was Steve Irwin’s show: The Crocodile Hunter). My love for animals’ seeps into my business with my themed animal swatch kits. Right now I have my desert themed kit up for sale in my shop but I have so many more I want to release in the future! All the animals are hand drawn by me! I adore lettering their names and giving quick facts about them. BUT the most important reason why I wanted to incorporate animals into my business is to bring awareness to the amazing creatures we share this planet with! These creatures aren’t able to advocate for themselves…that is why 5% of my proceeds will ALWAYS goes to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, the protection of wildlife and wild places is paramount!

Pluck n’ Place:

Organizing fanatic- YUP that’s me! Organizing gives me great joy. Now with that said let me paint you a mental picture…sitting at my desk ready to create a lettering piece but needing to figure out which colors to use. I am lovingly glaring at my all my art supplies (Tombow, Karin, and watercolor tin). I love all the colors, but I know the cap color is not a perfect replica of the color the pen produces on paper. Soooo I get out scratch paper and I have to try to pick colors I think will look good together then swatch them next to each other. BUT THEN if I didn’t like one color and want to sub in a new one I would have to repeat the process. HOT MESS! That is what my brain would yell every time I looked at my scratch paper swatches.

Above image- I like to call this the ‘Stone-Age Technique’ of figuring out your color palette. Don’t get me wrong ‘Stone-Age Techniques’ work fine but why not make your life easier AND have more fun…it’s time for you to PLUCK n’ PLACE your colors on an interchangeable palette until you have found your perfect color scheme for a lettering piece!

Pluck n’ Place Kits:

My interactive swatch system is perfect for a variety of art supplies…


This kit allows you to have all 108 colors on individual swatch tiles. Each swatch tile has the corresponding number that goes with the brush marker.


This kit allows you to have all 82 (that includes the neon and metallic colors) on individual swatch tiles. Each swatch tile has the corresponding number that goes with the brush marker.


This one has 30 blank swatch tiles for you to use for any art supply, including watercolors (YUP the cardstock I use is watercolor paint friendly)!

B&W (Black and White) KIT

This kit allows you to swatch out a color on a black and a white tile so you can see how the color looks on both.


Instead of the rectangle swatch tiles this kit uses adorable animals that have been hand drawn by me! The backing page is designed to showcase the animal’s habitat.


Instead of rectangle swatch tiles there are themed tiles that are on a mini swatch (6 tiles total). For example, in my shop now I have a ‘Gem Swatch’. These mini swatches give you an opportunity to put colors together that suit a theme. *In October I will be releasing a Fall swatch where people will be able to swatch all their favorite fall colors! Many of these will be Limited.

Edition so grab them while you can.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and my small business!

If you would like to see how I use Pluck n’ Place products check out my Instagram @emazingartistry

If you would like your own Pluck n’ Place Kit(s) check out my Etsy shop or via my Linktree on my Instagram.

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Mar 01, 2021

Oooh what a neat idea! Now I'm dreaming about an alohakiwi pluck 'n' place kit 😍

Mar 01, 2021
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