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New Palette - Vibrant Primaries

If you love color, especially vibrant yummy colors - read on!

I have just released a fun and exciting new set that was curated by a very talented friend of mine - Laura Moraiti. If you're not familiar with her I suggest you visit her pages listed at the end of this post. I am inspired by the choice of color she uses within her talented illustrative work. It is a delight to be able to create a palette that embodies her vision. Her vision was to curate a set of colors that are versatile enough to be used in a range of ways. The Blush color was an addition to the palette as mixing a pale skin color can be tricky at times so this saves you the time. Think Buff Titanium with a touch of pink!

Here is the set in all its glory.

Highly pigmented colors with a wide range. These colors have been tested for use and come with happy reviews.

  • Ultra Blue is a traditional Ultramarine Blue.

  • Pineapple is actually a retired color that is making a return. It is a combination pigment that includes Cadmium Yellow.

  • True Rose is a super pigmented Quinacridone Magenta. A little of this color will go a long long looooonnnng way!

  • Cyan was the trickiest color to create. If you are familiar with the popular Mermaid's Song, then I must tell you that Cyan is the reason for it's existence. I made Mermaid's Song in the process of making Cyan and instantly stopped adding blue pigment because I fell in love big time with Mermaid's Song. Cyan is a similar set of pigments in completely different ratios. I finally nailed it when Laura gave me the tick of approval. When I collaborate with an artist, it is crucial I meet their vision. So now you know a little bit more about the story of the creation behind Cyan and how I collaborate with artists. Perhaps this might be another post to write about if you're interested? Leave me a comment below if you are.

  • Lastly, Blush. Not at all Titanium Buff. It is a sister pigment to my Cinder Rose. The same opaque, super charged pigmented paint. A little of this color will go a long way too!

Please enjoy the short clip below. It's very short, so make your dance moves count!

The Vibrant Primaries set is available to purchase on the SHOP section of this website. Each set comes in a tin and with a BONUS A5 print of an illustration made by Laura herself using only the Vibrant Primaries palette. A fabulous way to demonstrate the range of colors that can be achieved with only 5 colors. It's like magic!

Illustration by Laura Moraiti

Can we talk about that adorable kiwi for a second? So much love went into this piece of art. It was a complete surprise as to what Laura would create. That wee kiwi has stolen my heart. What a treat to get a piece of art with your palette of new paints!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more behind the making of the Vibrant Primaries set. Make sure you are subscribed to my website so that you do not miss out on future posts.


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3 comentários

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd
03 de jul. de 2019

Having trouble directly replying to comments but I just want to say thank you for visiting and commenting. I am very keen to write about how collaborations unfold. They bring me so much joy. Stacey.


02 de jul. de 2019

Oh yes!! Lovely set! Would love to hear more about your collaborations with other artists! And the print is super adorable :D!


Alice (brightestdarkenergy)
Alice (brightestdarkenergy)
01 de jul. de 2019

You and Laura have produced such a brilliant pallette here!

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