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Become an Alohakiwi!

Keiko @alohawatercolors and I are excited to introduce our brand new challenge for 2021!

For all of you who love to create with watercolors this might be just the right challenge for you. Especially as it also includes tutorials and giveaways!

In short:

- one month, one theme, one color palette.

- Each week, a new prompt.

- At the end of the month, a bonus prompt.

- Fulfill all 5 prompts for a chance to enter our giveaway.

- Tag @alohakiwichallenge, @alohawatercolors and @stakiwicolours and use #alohakiwichallenge and #alohakiwijanuary for a chance to get featured.

Every month we have a new overall theme and a new color palette for you. Every palette consists out of 4 basic colors plus one bonus color. For the month of January, it’s;

  • Ultramarine blue dark PB29

  • Prussian blue PB 27

  • Titanium buff PW6

  • Alizarin crimson PR83

  • And the bonus color: shimmer gold

Within this palette you can mix and create new hues to your liking and create the prompt of the week.

You don't have to use all the colors for every prompt. If you like, just choose one or two.

If you don’t have the colors of the monthly palette at hand, try to mix them yourself and come as closely as possible to our palette.

Feel free to use any watercolor brands you already have.

For the prompts, use any combination of the colors in the palette. You can also just use one or two colors (as shown here in the pic: Prussian blue and gold).

Tutorials and videos available at Aloha Studios Youtube account.

We are looking forward to seeing your creations.

Stay safe!

Keiko and Stacey / Alohakiwichallenge

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