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AlohaKiwi Rainbow Month

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Welcome to rainbow month! To celebrate pride month and the beginning of summer somewhere in the world, our June challenge is going to be a bit different than the previous months.

The colors will be all shimmers and a color-shift of your choice as the bonus color and we’ll combine abstract watercolor patterns with lettering.

These colors will be available to order in the next shop update.

June 6th NZT 11am

June 5th EST 7pm

Colours available from Stakiwi Colours

Yellow Shimmer - Yellow Brick Road

Blue Shimmer - Duck Blue

Green Shimmer - Emerald City

Pink Shimmer - Either Love Potion or Enchanted Orchid

Colorshift - Abalone ( Chameleon) or Pixie (Duo-shift)

Colours available from Aloha Watercolors

Yellow shimmer (Starfruit or Banana)

Pink shimmer (Akala or Pualani)

Blue Shimmer (Blue Hawaii, blue ginger or Blue dragon)

Green Shimmer (Waipio or Green flash)

Colorshift (any of the Goddess sets, or Nai'a, Nightshift etc.)

For all of you who have no or little experience with lettering, don’t worry.

We have practice sheets for you with different lettering layouts that you can use as inspiration

And if you’d rather just do watercolors, you can stick to creating the abstract watercolor pattern.

Our guest host is @letteringwithsuzy who loves lettering with watercolors.

Week 1: Lettering quote: Love is love. Watercolor pattern: hearts

Week 2: Lettering quote: Make it rainbow. Watercolor pattern: rainbows

Week 3: Lettering quote: Aloha is a state of mind. Watercolor pattern: palm trees

Week 4: Lettering quote: Somewhere over the rainbow. Watercolor pattern: Wizard of Oz related

Bonus: Lettering quote of your choice, pattern of your choice

These are the lettering sheets that you can download as a zip file and use with tracing paper or a lightbox.

Many many thanks to Keiko from Aloha Watercolors for putting these beautiful pieces together.

Site Files
Download ZIP • 2.99MB

Please tag us both in your June creations and tag @alohakiwichallenge alongside with the hashtags so that we can find you. #alohakiwichallenge and # alohakiwiJUNE2021

We are very EXCITED to see what you create!

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