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A wonderful opportunity to sample colors that you would not normally buy at an affordable price.

Dot cards come on a watercolor card. 

Each card has four or 8 dots.


2 Dot Sets:

Cinder Rose, Champagne (Set I)

Medusa, Scarecrow (Set J)


4 Dot Sets:

Golden Moss, Caput Mortuum, Quinn, Kraken (Set A)

Candy Floss, Pink Zinc, Peach, Zinnia (Set B)

Sunset Peach, Quinn, Ambience, Slate (Set C)

Smurf Blue, Mermaids Song, Waipu Cove, Crashing Waves  (Set D)

Fallen, Zirconium Cerulean Blue, Muscatel, Scarecrow (Set E)

Peach, Hortensia, Remnant, Super Russet (Set K)


8 Dot sets:

Muscatel, Cinder Rose, Slate, Quinn, Chunky Gold, Claire's Purple, Sparkle Gold, Sunset Peach (Set F)

Pompeiian Red, Quinn, Shannon, Marlin, Sunset Peach, Yellow Sea Bunny, Azo Yellow, Shadows (Set G)

Green Slate, Robin Egg Blue, Blush, Moonlight, Ambience, Butterscotch, Olive, Iris (Set H)


Dot card sets

  • Contains mica or matte pigment, gum arabic, clove oil and glycerin.

    Stakiwi handmade watercolours are mulled by hand, and poured and dried 2-4 times. The process takes about 2-3 weeks. 

    Colours may vary due to screen options or shadows.


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