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Kelley is a talented paintmaker and artist from @pinkchickenwatercolors whom I have known for more than 3 years. She is passionate about pigments and painting. She is also a plant enthusiast and gardener, a wife and mom of two young girls. She developed intractable seizures and chronic complex migraines in early 2020. 


We would love for Kelley to achieve some independence and quality of life which a seizure alert dog can help her do.


Paige from @myownfonts and I, alongside fellow paintmakers have donated our product and time towards raising funds to help Kelley and her family purchase a seizure alert dog.


We are excited to release these special colours with 100% of the proceeds going to the fund. 

Further details about Kelley and the fundraiser can be found in the GoFundMe here


Paint maker is Erika from Ericius Art - she has made a beautiful, textured French Raw Sienna




All proceeds from Kelley's Colours will go directly to Kelley and her family via a GoFundMe fundraiser



Kelley's Colours - Ericius Art

  • Contains pigment, gum arabic.

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