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Ceramic palettes handcrafted by Caitlin Bongers.


Greens Palette: Taniwha, Spruce, Olive, Canned Pea

Earthy Tones Palette: Cinder Rose, Glacial Tincture, Blush, Witchery

Greens Square Palette: Spruce, Canned Pea, Medusa, Scarecrow

Blues Palette: Wedgewood, Glacial Tincture, Genuine Indigo, Hortensia


Once you have used the colors, you can use the empty palette to refill with your own tubed paints, or have Stacey refill for you or use for mixing colors.

Ceramic Filled Palettes

  • Ceramic handcrafted palette by Caitlin Bongers.

    Handmade paint by Stakiwi Colours - Custom made iron oxides.

    Gum arabic, glycerin, clove oil, water.

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