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This is a watercolour making course available to those who are able to attend at the Mangawhai Art Gallery. Please only purchase this course if you are able to attend in person.


Make Watercolour Paint with Stacey


Stacey Dodd


Saturday 14th May 2022


10am to 12 noon


Workspace, at Mangawhai Artists Gallery (back room)


45 Moir Street, Mangawhai, next to the Mangawhai Library Hall

This workshop is suitable for anyone of any level of artistic experience. I will guide you step by step through how to make watercolour paint using raw pigments that you can take home with you or gift to a dear friend.In this workshop you will explore how to make watercolour paint from scratch.

You will learn how to make watercolour paint using a set of tools and ingredients.

You will work with a variety of tools such as raw pigments, a binder, palette knife and glass muller.During this workshop you will learn to work with different kinds of pigments and how to test the paint that you have made to ensure it is suitable for use. Stacey will guide you step by step and share her tips and tricks!Materials:

(provided by Stacey)

Glass Muller

Flat surface

Raw pigments – non toxic such as iron oxides, ultramarines and ochres (not cadmiums or cobalts)

Binder – food safe gum Arabic

Palette knife – used for mixing and pouring the paint

Containers – to be used to store your paint which you get to take home with you.

You can choose to use a selection of plastic or sea shell alternatives provided by Stacey.

You may also wish to bring your own little containers. These can be bottle caps, sea shells (with no holes), an empty pan, small wooden or ceramic palettes.

Watercolour Paint brush (round, flat, or quill)

Watercolour Paper for testing the paint.


Please bring along:

An empty jar

Safety mask to prevent inhalation of loose pigments


You will get to take home the paint that you make in class.

Contact Stacey Email:

Instagram/Facebook: @stakiwicolours


Please note that if you are purchasing this from New Zealand, this listing is in US dollars and the cost of the listing and the shipping which is added at checkout will equal the total of the course in New Zealand dollars.

Make Watercolour Paint with Stacey (in person)

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