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Custom Order Conditions: 

  • You may request a certain size: Quarter pan , Half Pan , Full Pan 
  • Custom orders do not apply to dot cards, mini or mini me pans or shells.
  • Minimum order of 4 colors.
  • Please refer to the swatch charts on the swatches page of the website or the highlights section on my instagram.
  • No maximum to what you order, unless you are a wholesaler. If this is the case, please email me directly.
  • Wait time of a minimum of 7 weeks. Possibly longer depending on the size of your order. This will be discussed.
  • No exclusive colors - this means you cannot request colors that have not officially been released.  This also includes gemstones, chameleons, artchiu set, chromes or limited editions.
  • Please list the colors you want and which size of each color within 24 hours or your spot will be removed. You can tell me this information under the custom text field.
  • An invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours and you will be required to pay this within 24 hours to keep your custom order spot and for the order to commence.
  • If you change your mind, after receiving an invoice, you will not be offered a custom order spot in the future.
  • You must provide your first name, surname, address, email and contact number for shipping purposes if requested. 
  • Tins, brush rests and pens must be ordered direct from the website listings and not via a custom order listing. Shipping can be refunded to combine orders.
  • You cannot add/change colors in your order once your order has been paid for.
  • There are no refunds for a custom order.
  • $6.66 covers the shipping of your order, which will be omitted in your invoice of the custom colors. If you change your mind about your order and do not wish to proceed after receiving an invoice, this amount of $6.66 will not be refunded. This is to cover my time in putting together an invoice.
  • It is your responsbility to choose your own colors. I am not able to curate the palette for you. I can guide you with information about pigments and similar shades. 
  • I am not able to make a color to your specifications. You must choose from the available colors. 
  • Limited Editions not available to order; vintage earth, disco ball, lupin, orewa, cobalt blue, silver fern, opal, ruby slippers, dragon, twinkle star, lake pukaki, blue sapphire, grape sparkle, lilac dreams, pineapple, lagoon, smouldering thunder, midnight blue, blue green.


Custom Order

  • Contains mica or matte pigment, gum arabic, clove oil and glycerin.

    Stakiwi handmade watercolours are mulled by hand, and poured and dried 2-4 times. The process takes about 3-4 weeks. 

    Colours may vary due to screen options or shadows.


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