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Kiwi Colour Club is coming back!


You read that correctly!

Kiwi Colour Club will be returning very soon.

This post will tell you all the details you need to know before you sign up.

One thing first!

It's going be different this time!

It will be one theme for a 6 month period.

It will be a subscription where you will be automatically billed each month by your choosing of either PayPal or credit card.

Spots will be limited because I am a one woman operation.

There will be no extra spots during the 6 month period like last round. This became too difficult for me to manage and I guess the first time around I was able to add more up to a certain amount I felt comfortable with managing and so now I know the amount I can manage and will set it at that! The trickiest part was the catch ups so I would like to avoid that this time around.

Moving on to the good stuff!

The theme?

"Granulation on my mind"

The theme will be entirely focused on Granulating paints.

Each color will be exclusive. This means that each color I send you, will be brand new to the collection and possibly not released at all depending on how they are received and used. Your feedback will be incredibly helpful here!

Each member will receive 2 exclusive granulating half pans every month.

The first lot will be sent out in February 2022.

You will have special access to a part of the Stakiwi Members website forum to post and share your findings. I will be on the lookout for how you will be using the colors and what feedback you might have. From here, I can give away random spot prizes, feature art work on my stories or main grid! This will be a great way for you to meet and make new likeminded arty farty friends too!

The other fun part of the forum?

Learn more about what granulation is and the difference between granulating and flocculating paints.

Learn how to use a granulating paint for effect such as how to achieve a granulating wash.

Learn what forms of watercolor painting would granulating paints be best utilized.

What tools I recommend for using with granulating paints.

Each month you will receive 2 exclusive watercolor paints alongside a newsletter that includes details about the paints themselves such as the pigment names and corresponding codes. I may also ramble on about things like what the color reminds me of.

The amount per month will be the price of two half pans plus shipping.

This will be $25 USD per month.

If you are wishing to have tracked, this can be selected but it will cost approximately $36.26 but this will depend on where it is shipped.

Once all spots are taken, that's it until next time!

If there are spots left over, I will advertise this and then close them a week before I send out the first round of colors.

Each paint will be unique and may or may not include shimmer incorporated into a matte base. Predominately, the focus will be on matte paints. I will be using excellent quality pigments that are lightfast.

I am really excited to be offering another round of the Kiwi Colour Club. It was super popular and well received last round. The mattes Kiwi Colour Club was very popular and so this is another reason I am focusing on mattes. Also, you should know that I am a self confessed pigment nerd and I absolutely LOVE any opportunity to work with new pigments or new combinations of pigments. I get such a BUZZ when I make a new color and even more so when I see you enjoying them in your art ventures.

If you are interested in kiwi pans or whole pans, this will be offered in limited amounts when you purchase your spot. First in, first served.

Spots will become available in two rounds on the website. If you miss out the first time, you can come back for the second release!

Thursday 6 Jan 10am NZT

Wednesday 5 Jan 1pm PST

Wednesday 5 Jan 4 pm EST

Wednesday 5 Jan 10 pm CET

Friday 7 Jan 10am NZT

Thursday 6 Jan 1pm PST

Thursday 6 Jan 4pm EST

Thursday 6 Jan 10pm CET

If there is anything else you would like to know, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as quickly as I can!

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Where do you go to see spaces for this?

Replying to

Thanks for the link! 😊


Marked on the calendar! Can't wait!

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd
Jan 04, 2022
Replying to

Yay!!!!!! Will be awesome to have you in the Kiwi Club!


Jan 03, 2022

MEGA excited, I love granulating paints and to learn more about them from you as well is even more exciting!

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd
Jan 03, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much. I love them so much and they will challenge me to use different pigment combinations that I've been meaning to try for sooooo lonnng!


This sounds veryyyy good, Stacey! Can't wait!! 🤗

Stacey Dodd
Stacey Dodd
Jan 03, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Jana. I really appreciate your support. ❤️

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