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Alohakiwi Watercolor Tutorials

Hello dear Alohakiwis!

Please enjoy the below tutorials. Special thanks to Keiko for hosting her fabulous YouTube channel. Go and check out her other wonderful tutorials. Click the image below to go straight there!

Special special thanks to Akshaya as our guest host this month! Not only is Akshaya a Consultant psychologist working with children with special needs - she's also an extremely talented artist creating dreamy, detailed watercolor paintings.

In her own words: "creating watercolor art is almost a meditative, wholesome process for me. Over the years, I've come to adore handmade paints and the uniqueness of each colour.”

We hope you, dear alohakiwis, get inspired by our ocean vibes prompts and dive in with us. 🤿

Please tag us @alohakiwichallenge @alohawatercolors and @stakiwicolours so that we can see all your beautiful creations!



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